May 3, 2023
The EU Investigative Journalism Awards in the Western Balkans and Türkiye aim to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of investigative journalists as well as improve the visibility of quality journalism in these countries.

The awards are a continuation of the ongoing regional EU Investigative Journalism Award and part of the project “Strengthening Quality News and Independent Journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey” (2018-2022), funded by the European Union whose second phase started in January 2023.

They celebrate and award stories related to freedom of expression, rule of law, transparency, abuse of power and fundamental rights, corruption and organised crime from all Western Balkan Countries and Türkiye.

The jury for the EU Awards comprises media experts. Some are from the project consortia. Others are drawn from the extensive network projects that the consortia have, such as editors, academics and journalists with merits.

In the call published in 2020 the following stories published in 2019 were awarded:


  • 1st prize, Klodiana Lala, “Wiretaps Reveal Role of Organised Crime in Vote Buying”
  • 2nd prize, Merxhan Daci, article shedding light on the questionable use of public funds by officials and public institutions
  • 3rd prize, Andi Malasi, investigation into abuses related to newly built apartments that collapsed in the November 26 earthquake in Albania

Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • 1st prize, Semir Mujkic, Series of articles on Russian influence in the country
  • 2nd prize, Amarildo Gutic, “Prsten oko Vitezita”
  • 3rd prize, Azhar Kalamujic, “Judge Fazlagic Disinherited Holocaust Victims”


  • 1st prize, Serbeze Haxhiaj, “Kosovo’s Invisible Children: The Secret Legacy of Wartime Rape.”
  • 2nd prize, Leonida Molliqaj, “Lack of Food Security in Kosovo Threatens Public Health”
  • 3rd prize, Kreshnik Gashi and Afërdita Fejzullahu, “Network of AAK Family Companies Concrete the Highway Prishtina-Gjilan.


  • 1st prize, Dušica Pavlovic and Mirko Boskovic, TV series “Mechanism – Business secret”
  • 2nd prize, Jelena Jovanovic, for her research series about migrants
  • 3rd prize, Milena Bubanja Obradovic and Andrija Turcinovic for their series about underage marriages in Roma community

North Macedonia

  • 1st prize, Investigative Reporting Lab Macedonia, “Urban Assassins”
  • 2nd prize, Snezhana Lupevska Sozen, Miomir Serafinovic and Biljana Nikolovska, “Murders in Kicevo – Convicted for Life and Declared Guilty for Murder he did not Commit.”
  • 3rd prize, Petar Klincarski, “Denationalization Stuck in Corruption and Incompetence of the Institutions”


  • 1st prize, Adam Santovac, “Super Graduate”
  • 2nd prize, Jelena Veljkovic and Aleksandar Djordjevic, series of articles about the so-called “Krusik affair”
  • 3rd prize, Nemanja Rujevic, Sanja Kljajic and Ajdin Kamber, “The Industry of Leaving”


  • 1st prize, Zehra Özdilek, “Zindaşti Bomb”
  • 2nd prize, Hale Gönültaş, “Yezidi Hadiya’s Fight for Justice”
  • 3rd prize, Burcu Karakaş, “Abortion in Turkey: Practically banned”