May 3, 2023
The EU Investigative Journalism Awards in the Western Balkans and Türkiye aim to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of investigative journalists as well as improve the visibility of quality journalism in these countries.

The awards are a continuation of the ongoing regional EU Investigative Journalism Award and are part of the project “Strengthening Quality News and Independent Journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey” (2018-2022), funded by the European Union whose second phase started in January 2023.

They celebrate and award stories related to freedom of expression, rule of law, transparency, abuse of power and fundamental rights, corruption and organised crime and are published in all Western Balkan Countries and Türkiye.

The jury for the EU Awards comprises media experts. Some are from the project consortia. Others are drawn from the extensive network projects that the consortia have, such as editors, academics and journalists with merits.

In the call published in 2021, the following stories published in 2020 were awarded:


  • 1st prize, Luljeta Progni, “Oil Slaves”
  • 2nd prize, Geri Emiri, series of investigative stories into the 2019 earthquake in Albania
  • 3rd prize, Anila Hoxha and Esmeralda Keta, “Albanian Govt Accused of Manipulating Pandemic Aid Data”

Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • 1st prize Semira Degirmendžić, “Agricultural farm got 10.5 million marks for the purchase of respirators”
  • 2nd prize, Mubarek Asani and Nino Bilajac, “Vote selling network exposed by CIN reporters”
  • 3rd prize, Dzana Brkanic, “Murky Bosnian Charity Appeals for African Wells Raise Concerns”


  • 1st prize, Jeta Xharra and Visar Prebreza, “Unclean energy: A Kosovar who owned the sun”
  • 2nd prize, Besa Kalaja and Besnik Boletini, “Victims of private colleges”
  • 3rd prize, Kreshnik Gashi and Adelina Ahmeti, “Crime in Karaceva 1&2”


  • 1st prize, Biljana Matijašević and Alisa Hajdarpašić, “Portonovi Resort is Owned by Daughters of President of Azerbaijan”
  • 2nd prize, Svetlana Djokic, “A Journey of Revenge”
  • 3rd prize, Vladimir Otasevic, Sasa Dragojlo and Marko Vesovic, “Son of Fugitive Ex-President Builds Raspberry Fortune in Serbia”

North Macedonia

  • 1st prize, Jasmina Jakimova, Bojan Sasevski, Daniel Evrosimoski and Emilija Petreska, “Following the Balkan Lynx’s Footsteps – an Investigative Story in Two Sequels”
  • 2nd prize, Investigative Reporting Lab – Macedonia, “Pandemic profiteering – the Other Side of the Covid-19 Story”
  • 3rd prize, Kristina Ozimec and Vlatko Stojanovski, “Only 44 Work, While 1,410 People Receive Salary”


  • 1st prize, Dina Djordjevic, Series of articles on air pollution
  • 2nd prize, Sasa and Dragana Peco, “Folic’s New Business with Old Acquaintances”
  • 3rd prize, Natalija Jovanovic, “Serbia Under-Reported COVID-19 Deaths and Infections, Data Shows”


  • 1st prize, Murat Ağırel, series of stories about how public funds are misspent in a variety of areas, such as health and education
  • 2nd prize, Hale Gönültaş and Volkan Nakiboğlu, “Iranian Border: Between Bullets and Wolves”
  • 3rd prize, Fevzi Kızılkoyun, “Prestigious Baron: Official Car Issued to Turkish Escobar”