EU Awards for Best Investigative Journalism in Montenegro Announced

January 16, 2024
On September 25 in Europe House in Podgorica, the winners of the EU Awards for Investigative Awards for Investigative Journalism in Montenegro were announced.

Đurđa Radulović, Olivera Lakic, Dejan Milovac, Vladimir Otasevic, Jovo Martinovic, Marko Vešović and Andras Kiraly were selected from many colleagues as this year’s winners for their stories published in 2022 exposing offshore companies, healthcare and corruption in the justice system in Montenegro.

The jury consisted of Tena Perisin, Professor at the University of Zagreb with a working experience in CNN, who led projects like HRT news program digitisation and founded Student Television and the first Journalism Research Laboratory in the region; Nataša Ružić, an academic and a journalist who worked as a journalist at Radio Golos Rossii and as editor-in-chief of the youth paper Zerkalo;  Boro Kontic,  awarded journalist and Director of the Media Center in Sarajevo.

The first prize went to Đurđa Radulović from CIN-CG for her article “Silence Surrounding Violence – Maternity Wards Violate WHO Recommendations”.

The second prize went to Olivera Lakic of Libertas Press for her series of articles on corruption in the Montenegrin judicial system and on crime and corruption within Montenegrin police structures.

The third prize was divided between Dejan Milovac from NVO MANS   for his investigation into the Pandora Papers, revealing Russian offshore millions invested in luxury real estate in Montenegro, and Vladimir Otasevic, Jovo Martinovic, Marko Vešović and Andras Kiraly (Istraživački portal LUPA, RTV Nikšić) for their story, “Secret E-gambling Affair”.

Oana Cristina Popa, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, greeted the participants via a video message highlighting the importance of the awards and investigative journalism. The jury members presented their decisions and announced the awardees.

The EU Award for Investigative Journalism 2023 is managed by the project`s partners -Thomson Media (TM) – Germany, The Independent Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM) – North Macedonia, and Association of Journalists (AJ) – Türkiye.