Free Financial Literacy E-Course for Western Balkan Journalists

April 3, 2024
Thomson Media has created an e-course to improve the financial and economic literacy of journalists. The course provides knowledge that is essential for every working journalist, regardless of the topics they cover.

The course covers the following subjects:

  1. Basic economic concepts
  2. Reading and understanding a company’s final accounts
  3. Reading and understanding the state budget
  4. How to read statistical reports
  5. Key facts about taxes

The course provides insights and advice from veteran economic journalists who understand the professional and personal challenges and anxieties that journalists face.

The need for journalists to have basic knowledge of economic issues has never been greater, not only because of the economic turbulence that Western Balkan countries are going through, but also because of rapid advances in technology and artificial intelligence, which are changing society, education, finance and the global economy.

This global transformation means that journalists need additional specialised knowledge of economic issues, whether they cover politics, culture or any other sector. Financial and economic literacy is also a desirable asset for all journalists developing their careers.

This is a course that participants can take at their own pace. The course is divided into several lessons, with accompanying video and visual materials to augment the learning experience.

The course has been created by experts in the field and is available in BCSM, Macedonian and Albanian.


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