Great interest in UGD’s “Video Storytelling School”

May 13, 2024
"Video Storytelling School", a series of online and offline courses organized by UGD attracted a large number of students and young people from all over the country.

The course consisted of an online part, which the UGD prepared together with experts from the “Vidi Vaka” media outlet, and 47 students and young people from all over Macedonia applied for this part. The most successful 10 students in this online course had the opportunity to attend a training course in Veles where they learned through practical work and making real life video stories.

The group of young people in the three-day training in Veles decided to make videos on the topics of the environment and cyber security.

One of the videos they made was on the topic of the pollution of Lake Mladost in Veles, and the other video was on the topic of Public Room and a testimony from a girl who reported the case of Public Room to the police.

Both video stories will be published on youth media

The trainers at the training in Veles were the experts from the media of UGD, Aleksandar Maksimov, Tony Mihailov, Igor Stojanov and Diana Naseva. The professor from UDG Dr. Kiril Barabreev and the journalist Teodora Cvetkovska.

The online and offline training were free, and all participants in future will have access to resources, regional trainings, mentoring and continuous development support from the institutions involved in the “Strengthening Quality News and Independent Journalism in the Western Balkans and Turkey II” project. funded by the European Union.

More information about the training can be found here.